Abbey Lane Crossing


Abbey Lane Crossing

Detailed plan for the Abbey Lane Crossing

Abbey Ln Design_June22-Proposed.pdf
Abbey Ln Design_June22-Proposed.pdf


Consultation on the Abbey Lane Crossing proposals will be open until Friday 21st October.

Ecclesall Woods, and the Woodland Centre are much loved attractions used by people living in the area and across the city. The number of visitors that they attract mean that there has been a number of requests to improve how the woods and other facilities can be accessed, especially when it comes to crossing Abbey Lane (B6068).

Abbey Lane experiences a lot of traffic and this makes crossing to the woods, the Woodland Centre, and beyond difficult. That is why we have started the work needed to progress on the proposals that would improve the crossings and other traffic related issues in the area. 

Identifying the Needs

To help shape our proposals numerous site visits have taken place, there have been discussions with Councillors, we have received informal feedback, and more recently there was a local a Petition.

What has been observed and fed back is the following:

  • That there is a preference for a number of pedestrian refuge islands, rather than one controlled crossing. The arrangement of the Abbey Lane/Whirlowdale Road junction also requires some changes, to both improve pedestrian movements and reduce vehicle speeds through the junction.
  • There was clear evidence of inconsiderate and verge parking, particularly at busy times and when events were organised at the Woodland Centre.
  • There is a perceived speeding issue caused by the volume and flow of traffic, which needs to be investigated. A classified vehicle count and speed survey has been completed, to which average speeds are consistent with the 40mph speed limit and both the flow and mix of traffic is suitable for a B road. However, the request to promote a lower speed limit will be considered as part of the design.
  • Coach parking for the woodland centre and disabled parking for the Bridleway was also raised and is included in the proposals.

Scheme Proposal

The proposals were developed using the requirements outlined previously. 

The proposed changes are in the map below. 

Map of the proposals in and around the Abbey Lane area

To view a more detailed plan of the scheme, please click here

The proposals are explained in more detail below:

Crossing Points – the pedestrian refuges proposed will align with the current footpaths and bridleways across Abbey Lane and will be located in a position to minimise the impact on existing trees and vegetation. This will be subject to detailed to design. The crossing points will have the appropriate signing, highway lining and lighting fittings.

Junction Re-alignment – The scheme will not be altering the prioritisation of the Whirlowdale Road/Abbey Lane junction. The current ‘give way’ arrangement will remain the same. However, there will be changes to the junction alignment to shorten the walking distance and improve pedestrian visibility and driver awareness. Tactile paving will be provided to ensure access for all. The proposal will also introduce speed cushions into the junction approach to help control speeds and a new traffic island on the approach to Abbey Lane (north section) to help manage the traffic at the right turn to Abbey Lane that backs into the right turn for Whirlowdale Road.

Formalised Parking – formalised parking will be providing on both sides of Abbey Lane. This is to help prevent the verge parking that currently occurs near the Woodland Centre. The parking will also be situated around the crossing points to help control crossing movements to the refuges. We are also exploring the opportunity for disabled only parking bays.

Coach Provision – Coach parking/school trip parking is proposed near the Woodland Centre. This is to help promote the education aspect to Ecclesall Woods and Woodland Centre by making it safer and easier to accommodate larger transport vehicles.

Speed Limit Reduction (this would be Phase 2) – Once the other elements are in place, we would then seek to undertake a review of the interventions and how these have impacted on observed speeds. Should these interventions manage to control the speeds, we will seek to progress a speed limit reduction from the current 40mph to 30mph. This would be between the junction with Abbey Lane and Whirlowdale Road, to the existing 30mph at Abbey Croft, down to Beauchief Crossroads.

Next Steps

The first step is to find out what you think through the short survey below. Comments can also be sent to transport@sheffield.gov.uk. This feedback will help finalise the future scheme design.

Various statutory procedures will also need to be completed, including a Road Safety Audit and the formal Traffic Regulation Order process.

This engagement phase has finished

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