Consultation on Magna-Tinsley ended on 15th March 2021.

You can now view the consultation report for this scheme   here . You can also view an Executive Summary of the report here .


Connecting Sheffield: Magna-Tinsley is designed to deliver improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure and to provide better connections to public transport links to make it easier for people to travel around and between Magna, Tinsley and Meadowhall using sustainable modes of travel. These changes will increase access to leisure and employment opportunities at Meadowhall and in Rotherham and Sheffield for Tinsley residents.

By providing high-quality walking and cycling routes, these proposals will make walking and cycling for shorter journeys a more attractive and accessible option as well as improving travel choices for people without access to a car. A key aim is to reduce the number of cars on the road to ease congestion and help improve air quality around Magna, Tinsley and Meadowhall.

We are now consulting on our proposals for this scheme and would like to hear your views.

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More detailed maps of the changes being proposed are provided further down this page.

Improved cycling and walking routes

The plans for Connecting Sheffield: Magna-Tinsley include high-quality cycling and walking routes designed to help people get around the area on foot or by cycle. The proposed routes will improve connections between Sheffield and Rotherham and will make it easier for Tinsley residents to walk and cycle to Meadowhall and Meadowhall Interchange for public transport connections.

Along Blackburn Meadows Way, where the path is currently shared for walking and cycling on the southern side of this road, separate paths for cycling and walking are proposed. These improvements will make it more convenient and attractive for people to walk or cycle in the area.

The maps below show the proposals along Blackburn Meadows Way and highlight the sections where there will be separate footpaths and cycle tracks or shared paths.


You can view a pdf of the above map and zoom in by clicking here .


You can view a pdf of the above map and zoom in by clicking here .

The cycle track along Blackburn Meadows Way will then connect into a walking and cycling route on Sheffield Road which will help people to travel more easily between Meadowhall and Rotherham on foot or by cycle.

There will be a segregated cycle track - at a level slightly higher than the road - along stretches of this route as highlighted on the maps below. Along the short sections of road where there are multiple accesses for business premises, the cycle track will switch to a segregated cycle lane at the same height as the road. This is to maintain comfort for cyclists along an even and level cycle route at these access points. Priority will be given to cyclists over vehicles needing to cross the cycle lane for access to premises.

The illustration below provides an indication of what the changes could look like at the junction where Blackburn Meadows meets Sheffield Road and highlight some of the significant improvements planned for walking and cycling along this route. As part of these works, it is hoped that some new planting and sustainable urban drainage can be added along this section of the route.

The slider can be moved to show the viewpoint at present compared to the viewpoint after the scheme is delivered.

The maps below provide detail of the proposals for improved walking and cycling routes along Blackburn Meadows Way and Sheffield Road.


You can view a pdf of the above map and zoom in by clicking here .


You can view a pdf of the above map and zoom in by clicking here .

The segregated cycle track and footpath will link up to a similar scheme being delivered by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council which will continue the high-quality route along Sheffield Road from the Sheffield-Rotherham boundary towards Rotherham town centre.

Better connections to public transport links

To improve access to leisure and employment opportunities in Rotherham and Sheffield, the proposals will provide better, safer connections to public transport links.

Walking and cycling to Meadowhall Interchange will be made easier, with a new and improved crossing point introduced on Meadowhall Way/Meadowhall Road opposite the Sainsbury’s petrol station. This will provide a safer way for people walking or cycling to cross this busy road and access the Transport Interchange. Secure cycle hubs are planned at both the Transport Interchange and Meadowhall Shopping Centre and will be funded through separate schemes to Connecting Sheffield: Magna-Tinsley .

The map below shows the plans for this improved crossing point.


You can view a pdf of the above map and zoom in by clicking here .

A new toucan crossing will be added on Sheffield Road near Raby Street to provide a safe crossing point for Tinsley residents to access the canal towpath to Meadowhall. The plan below shows what is being proposed.


You can view a pdf of the above map and zoom in by clicking here .

The proposals for improved cycling and walking routes along Sheffield Road close to Magna will also complement the delivery of a proposed new Tram Train stop with Park and Ride facility at Magna which will be brought forward by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

The Connecting Sheffield: Magna-Tinsley scheme would provide safe connections to this proposed Tram Train stop by introducing a well-lit walking route. A new Tram Train stop will provide commuters and Tinsley residents with the opportunity to access employment, retail and leisure facilities in Rotherham, Sheffield and Parkgate. Secure cycle parking facilities are also planned at the proposed stop, as part of the Park and Ride plans.

Access around Magna, Tinsley and Meadowhall for cars, vans, taxis and buses

The plans for Connecting Sheffield: Magna-Tinsley aim to create a better environment for walking and cycling, as well as improving connections to public transport. Although we want to encourage people to leave their car at home and use alternative transport methods where possible, we know this is not always viable.

This scheme does not incorporate any changes to vehicle routes, so cars, vans, taxis and buses will still be able to access the same routes as now. Although a new toucan crossing is planned across Sheffield Road near Raby Street to provide a safe crossing point for Tinsley residents to access the canal towpath, this will not have an impact on vehicles’ ability to travel along this stretch of road.

A small number of parking bays will be removed on Sheffield Road close to Magna to create the required space for the new high-quality segregated cycle route.


To help us to monitor the success of this project we may need to occasionally survey traffic in the area using cameras mounted on lamp posts. We need to do this so that we can understand how traffic has been affected by the scheme. For example on certain roads we may wish to understand whether traffic has reduced or increased as a result of the scheme. 

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